About Us

Hi, welcome to the Books and Brew Club!

The Books and Brew Club was created by sister and brother team, The Bookworm and The Barista.

The Bookworm has always been a bookworm. Always. And nowadays she runs a business centred around her love of books and paper over at thereadingresidence.com.

The Barista has always loved his coffee. Always. He launched his dream business a few years ago, opening his own coffee lounge at crumpetsandcoffee.com.

Although they both loved running their own businesses, they had always had a yearning to do something together, and so the Books and Brew Club was born.

Books and Brew Club is the perfect blend of their passions, and Books and Brew Club is more than a book and a brew. It's a mood, it's a moment, just for you. 

The Bookworm and the Barista want to give you that moment of calm in your day where you can relax, sitting down with your book and a brew, switching off from everything. 

We hope you enjoy being a part of our special club.

Jocelyn and Marc x
(AKA The Bookworm and The Barista)